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Thursday, October 11, 2012

How To Submit To NLS Model Management Agency! The First Step Is A Simple Email. Please Read!


Model Submissions: Please Read!

NLS Model Management Agency is a model management company exclusively representing men, women and children!! We recruit, train, empower and manage the career of the model in the Entertainment Industry. We also can assist clients in finding work or representation with Modeling or Commercial Talent Agencies.

If you would like to be considered, there is a protocol for contacting us. There is no appli...
cation. Sending a “Cover Letter” usually gets the best response. Below is a sample of what you should include. The sample cover letter below (with explanations that follow) is only an example of what you should say when first contacting a prospective agency; however, “newcomers” won’t have everything usually required, but you will be working towards obtaining, should the Agency be interested. Explain yourself as best you can, as it relates to modeling only and your interest in being considered. The Letter should include….

FROM (your real complete name)
Send email to:


I am forwarding to you several of my recent modeling photos, comp card, stats and modeling resume. I have an online portfolio attached that covers a wide range of areas and looks that I believe your agency may be interested. It includes lifestyles, fashion, and commercial photography.

Above is an example of what we expect to receive…

*If you don’t have any of the above then please explain what exactly you are sending for us to review?
*If you don’t have professional images, send good quality photos of you alone that show you at your best in different looks for us to consider. Three photos will be considered enough.
*Do not run out and spend money with a photographer before signing with anyone.
*We will tell you if interested when to get professional pictures and consider recommendations together.
*Your comp card should show your stats, but if you don’t have one, then include in this letter what is your: Age range, Height, Weight, Hair & Eye color and Shirt/Pant/Dress Size?
If you don’t have an online portfolio then only describe your look and why we would be interested in working with you? Choose photos to send that will show your best qualities to be considered. Nothing fancy just some basic snap shots will work just good as a $500 photo shoot!
I have experience working with photographers, makeup artists, and how to present myself in front of a camera. I no longer desire to be in the spot light, my job is to promote you. *Above is only an example of what we want to know in your own words…
* If you have had professional experience, list with whom you have modeled or photographed with.
* Or if you are a newcomer, list any training you have had.
* Do not create or makeup anything that is not true!
Please end the email in the format below:
If interested, I can be reached at (your #000-000-0000) text or VRS# or email me at (your email@Address). Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing my information. I look forward to hearing from you.

(Your Name)

Above is an example of how you should complete your letter of submission to a Manager or other Agencies.
The time you take and how you present yourself in this cover letter will tell us a little about you and that you understand and can follow directions.

We will contact you should there be an interest or recommendations.
Be patient, we receive many submissions. You will receive a reply. Please join us on facebook at NLS Model Management Agency.

Thank you for considering NLS Model Management Agency.

Thank You Supporters!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Preview of Model Jessica J. Photo Shoot!

    Cream to Powder Foundation
  1. Shade level Medium light
  2. Undertone Golden | yellow red
  3. Coverage Light  Medium

  4. Texture Creamy
    Finish Matte
    Eye lashes are #38 Cheeky Boo

28 Neutral Palette

I used my CS 28 Neutral Palette pink and rose burgundy. This 28 Neutral Palette is ideal for creating a variety of looks from natural everyday to show stopping sultry. This palette contains twenty-eight highly pigmented shades ranging from sheer nudes to rich browns and everything in between that can be applied dry or wet for a longer lasting effect.


Lips coverage ( cinema #78 Dash on Dash!)

    My theme for our model is to keep it classy with red and black. Red and black are the hottest colors for the Fall. The candy strips with a hint of red inside the purse really brings out the theme of the photo shoot.

You cant go wrong with a simple black dress. Sometimes less is more in a photo shoot. I want potential clients to see my models without photo shop and pointless distractions.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

7 Tips Becoming A Model by Marie Claire Magazine

1. Do Your Research

Aaron says the biggest mistake that aspiring models make is "not doing the research beforehand." Not sure where to start? Aaron suggests that "One should check to see who is reputable first, length in the buisness, and who an agency represents." Look for an agent by flipping through your favorite magazine spreads and making a note of which agency represents the models you like. If you're looking into a smaller agency, do some internet research before giving them a call to make sure they have a good reputation in the industry.

2. Be Prepared
"Classes can be helpful to individuals in terms of self confidence and comfort with aspects of the business," says Aaron, though he emphasizes that classes are by no means a prerequisite. Consider the option if you feel like you have something that's holding you back, lack knowledge of the industry, or if you're in need of a confidence boost. And like with any job, read up on the agency you're interviewing with, including past and present models signed with them and company news.

3. Make Your Portfolio Picture-Perfect
Your book, or modeling portfolio, is your resume, so make sure that it's in tip-top shape before you schedule interviews or auditions or attend an open-call. "A great portfolio is a relative concept; after all, you cant please every client all the time," Aaron says, but make sure that your book has enough variation that an agency can see your potential. Aaron says, "The basis of a good book should show a model who is comfortable in front of the camera, one who has a range of expression and movement." Less is more: "As to length, a few great pictures can look better than a long book of fluff." Think of your portfolio as a story that you're telling to a prospective agency — a short story. "A flow to the book is important — after all you want to get and keep the client's attention," Aaron says.

4. Be Yourself
So you've booked a meeting with an agent — now what? Resist the temptation to paint on new eyebrows or shop for a new outfit before your interview. Aaron says, "I always say "come as you are.' If you have a quirky look or style naturally, work that! Don't be concerned about changing who you are to impress an agency. When meeting prospective models we prefer to see them as they are: no makeup, natural hair, and their personality." Leave the flowing maxi-dress at home and keep your outfit simple: "Body-conscious clothing like skinny jeans and a tank are good so we can see the body."

5. Smile for the Camera

In addition to your portfolio, bring some casual shots as well. "When we meet with prospective models we ask to see a couple of snapshots or Polaroids," Aaron says. "A simple headshot, bodyshot, profile, and a smile is good." Keep your clothes simple so they don't distract from your shape and face, and play around with different poses and facial expressions.

6. Speak Up

Personality is key, so sit up straight and spit out that gum! Aaron says, "An outgoing personality is always a standout." They're looking for models who are "able to express themselves and not be nervous or shy. A feeling that modeling is something they want to do, rather than something they are being pushed into is key." He says that "the models that do well are confident, ambitious, and have a certain humbleness about the fact that being genetically gifted is what got them in the business," says Aaron. "In the end this is a business and respect and professionalism is really important." Arrive for your audition or interview early and ready — no scrambling to rearrange your book in the elavator.

7. Read Before Signing on the Dotted Line

If you've impressed the agency enough to get an offer, take a deep breath before doing a celebratory dance and signing a contract. "Do not sign anything without reading first!" Aaron says. "Do your research, and just go with what your gut tells you." Make sure any questions you have about your contract are answered and clarified before you sign.